Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Rosario Batangas Links: My Favorites

In two days, I've joined two online communities of Rosarians. I am including their links in this blog. This is in line with my goal of being a catalyst for the creation of a network of sites, blogs, posts, trivia and any other means by which anything related to Rosario, Batangas is ever mentioned anywhere online.

I'm also including two sites which I think illustrates the future of what is possible when a Rosarian put his or her mind into something that he or she believes in.

I'm impressed with what I've found in the personal page of John Mark Zuño de Leon of the Zuño-de Leon Family website in Tripod and in Joice Anne Evangelista Carrido's blog Rain.

If you have your own favorite Rosario, Batangas websites or blogs, just tell me by posting a comment here or sending me an email with your suggestion.

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