Sunday, December 9, 2007

Rosario, Batangas Article in Wikipedia Update

Barriotikman updated last 21 November 2007 the Wikipedia article Rosario, Batangas section Current Officials based on results of the May 14, 2007 General Elections. A new section of Immediate Past Municipal Officials was also created to show those who were re-elected.

[edit] Current Officials
The current set of municipal officials were elected during the 2007 General Elections[2] and their term is set to expire on 2010.
Municipal Mayor: Felipe Africa Marquez
Vice-Mayor: Leonardo Castillo Anyayahan
Sangguniang Bayan Members:
Manuel Aguila Maranan
Felomino Magbuhos Kalalo
Edward Briones Aguilar
Angelica Masilungan-Rosales Lee
Rodjelio Jaspe Hernandez
Armando Comia Bautista
Virgilio Pasia Geron
Manuel Comia Greñas

[edit] Immediate Past Municipal Officials
The immediate past municipal officials were elected during the 2004 General Elections and their term expired 2007. The incumbent mayor is Felipe Marquez who was reelected for his second term during the 2007 General Elections as chief executive of Rosario. The vice mayor is Danilo Alday. Sangguniang Bayan is composed of Angelica Rosales, Leonardo Anyayahan, Sonia Ebite, Adrian Montalbo, Kennedy Laroza, Pedro Andan and Johnny Minas. Sangguniang Kabataan Municipal Federation President is Grace Villar of Brgy. Quilib.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Rosarian Blogs Search

Using Google, I went searching for Rosarian Blogs -- blogs whose authors talked about or made mention of Rosario, Batangas in their posts -- while waiting for my rice to cook. It's almost lunch time. I'm hungry and yet surprisingly, I still find time for this kind of blogging churvas.

Here's 10 of what I found:

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Rosario Batangas Links: My Favorites

In two days, I've joined two online communities of Rosarians. I am including their links in this blog. This is in line with my goal of being a catalyst for the creation of a network of sites, blogs, posts, trivia and any other means by which anything related to Rosario, Batangas is ever mentioned anywhere online.

I'm also including two sites which I think illustrates the future of what is possible when a Rosarian put his or her mind into something that he or she believes in.

I'm impressed with what I've found in the personal page of John Mark Zuño de Leon of the Zuño-de Leon Family website in Tripod and in Joice Anne Evangelista Carrido's blog Rain.

If you have your own favorite Rosario, Batangas websites or blogs, just tell me by posting a comment here or sending me an email with your suggestion.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

New Section: Barangay Clusters, Rosario, Batangas

Just added the following section in the Wikipedia article about Rosario, Batangas:

Barangay Clusters

For purposes of community organizing and effective delivery of social development projects, the Office for Sustainable Development under supervision of the Office of the Municipal Mayor in 1995, conveniently divided the 48 barangays into 8 barangay clusters with 6 member barangays each.[2]

Barangay Cluster South East I
Antipolo, Calantas, Leviste, Matamis, Palakpak, Tulos

Barangay Cluster North East II
Macalamcam B, Nasi, Pinagsibaan, Putingkahoy, Salao, San Isidro

Barangay Cluster East III
Bayawang, Bulihan, Cahigam, Lumbangan, Mabunga, Mayuro

Barangay Cluster East IV
Alupay, Balibago, Mabato, Macalamcam A, Maligaya, Natu

Barangay Cluster Central V
Bagong Pook, Baybayin, Mavalor, San Carlos, San Jose, Tiquiwan

Barangay Cluster West Central VI
Poblacion D, Poblacion E, Itlugan, Maalas-as, Namuco, Namunga

Barangay Cluster East Central VII
Poblacion A, Poblacion B, Poblacion C, Quilib, San Roque, Sta. Cruz

Barangay Cluster West VIII
Colongan, Malaya, Marilag, Masaya, San Ignacio, Timbugan

This system was patterned after the resolutions traditionally passed by the Sangguniang Bayan as part of its organizational plan following the general elections when new members are elected into office for a new term. Consequently, the barangay cluster arrangement was adopted and served as the framework for land use development strategies enunciated under the Comprehensive Land Use Plan of Rosario, Batangas for Planning Period 2000-2010 (CLUP).[3]

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Added a Section in Wikipedia Rosario, Batangas Article

Just added today a section entitled World Outlook in Local Action in the Wikipedia article about Rosario, Batangas. The following is the addtional section:

World Outlook in Local Action

In compliance with the principles of 1992 Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro, the Municipal Government of Rosario, Batangas formulated the Aksyon ng Bayan Rosario 2001 And Beyond Human and Ecological Security Plan[2] by virtue of Executive Order No. 98-02 dated October 5, 1998 by then Mayor Rodolfo Guerra Villar.

The plan pursued a sustainable development approach to anti-poverty efforts balanced with concerns for ecological security. This required an active collaboration among the municipal and barangay government units, non-government and people's organizations, and the local community.

To further institutionalize this framework and integrate its principles in local development plans, the Comprehensive Land Use Plan of Rosario, Batangas for Planning Period 2000-2010 (CLUP)[3] was prepared by the Municipal Land Use Committee and the Office of the Municipal Planning and Develoment Coordinator, with technical assistance from the Housing and Land Use Regulatory Board (HLURB). In 2000, the CLUP and its accompanying Zoning Ordinance (ZO) was approved with immediate effect.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Editing Wikipedia Rosario Batangas Article

Today I made some edits on the Rosario Batangas article in the Wikipedia by adding the information that Rosario is also considered as among the interior municipalities of the Batangas Bay Region comprising of 11 municipalities and 2 cities whose catchment areas drain into the Batangas Bay.

I also added an external link pointing to the page describing the Barangay Clusters of Rosario, Batangas in the MyRosarioBatangas.Com website.

This effort should lead readers to have a broader understanding and deeper insight about what makes the Municipality of Rosario, Batangas tick.

Friday, October 26, 2007

My Rosario Batangas Journal Goes Live

Today, My Rosario Batangas Journal goes live. This blog complements the website MyRosarioBatangas.Com, which is about general information available online relevant to the Municipality of Rosario, Province of Batangas, Philippines.

I hope that by collecting, analyzing and summarizing whatever there is on the internet about our town of Rosario, Batangas -- people will have a better perspective on what and why we really are.

By the way, the prelimiary information available on the website is about the activities I did when I was still an employee of the municipal goverment handling special projects.

Whatever, your feedback through comments and suggestions will help a lot in building a community of Rosarians online. Please do take time to post comments on this blog.